In the past few years we have received very good feedback and references from our clients telling us about their cures and relief from there ailments. Thank you to those who encouraged others to use Superlife herbs.

Please keep on sending your testimonials on how you benefitted from using Superlife herbs. If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact us.

AMIEN SOEKER - General Aches & Pains

Amien is based in Sydney, Australia. She read about Superlife Herbs by doing research on the internet. It was the same product that she had read about in a book that her father had bought in South Africa, but in a tea bag form. Having read the book, she thought she would try it herself, to see firsthand what the results would be. She experienced a significant increase in her energy levels, relief from insomnia, better concentration and focus, and an increase in her general well- being. Amien drank the herbal tea religiously and she has spread the word amongst her family and friends in Australia about this wonderful product. Everyone who has received Superlife Herbs from her, swears by it through their own personal experiences of using it.

Amien’s elderly neighbour Olga, comments on how full of energy she is now and also how she has avoided falling ill during the flu season. It has also lowered her friend Terry’s blood pressure, something which his prescribed medication was unable to do, and eventually resulted in him not needing that prescribed medication anymore.

Amien’s mum has experienced relief from her arthritis aches and pains and in addition lowered her cholestero.l

Amien’s friend Nick suffered from stomach cramps for years. Within the first week of using Superlife Herbs, he finally experienced relief. It has also aided in his friend's recovery from cancer. They have commented on how it has helped to relieve pain after many operations.

n has so many family and friends who have found Superlife Herbs to be beneficial for their health – too many to mention. She highly recommends people to try this product.

KLIPPIE MINNIE - Arthritis / Insomnia / Heartburn / Headaches

Klippie is 33 years old and resides in Brackenfell in the Cape Town area.

He was introduced to Superlife Herbs by Mr. Hoffman, the manufacturer of the product.

Klippie had experienced a great deal of pain in his wrists and hands from Arthritis. He also suffered from insomnia, struggled to fall asleep at night, which caused him to wake up very tired.

In addition to the above, he suffered from headaches for which he had to take 2 – 6 tablets daily , merely to get through the day. His well-being was also afflicted by heartburn and he began to suspect that he had a peptic ulcer.

Since he started using Superlife Herbs in June 2011, all four ailments mentioned above have *improved significantly. He sleeps like a baby and seldom suffers from headaches. The arthritis pains have lessened by 80% and his heartburn symptoms are significantly better.

Klippie definitely recommends Superlife Herbs to anyone with similar health problems that he has experienced.


Joseph Hoffman is 64 years old and resides in Brackenfell in the Cape Town area. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 2010, with a blood sugar count of 29. With a sugar count that high , he could have collapsed into a coma at any given time.

After he used various diabetic medications, from Glucophage to Manna, which dropped his blood sugar levels to between 12 and 14, however, his sugar count became stagnant and would not drop any further.

The condition of his foot worsened as a result.

(Refer attached photographs of his foot to see the wonderful improvement after 9 months of continuous use of Superlife Herbs)

Joseph has stopped using all other medication and solely uses Superlife Herbs. His foot has recovered remarkably and his blood sugar count has dropped to 4.2.

DENNIS RUDMAN – Stomach Ulcer & Acute Respiratory Complications

Dennis is 52 years old and has been working in the retail industry as a shopping centre manager for the past couple of years. His work position is very stressful, as he deals with more than 70 different tenants on a daily basis, as well as contractors and any emergencies that the centre might encounter.

In October 2008 Dennis collapsed at home and was rushed to Karl Bremer hospital where he spent the following three days on life support. Doctors diagnosed him with acute respiratory problems and informed his wife that an ulcer had burst. As a result of his lungs also having collapsed, the doctors were not willing to perform any surgery until he was stabilised. At that stage of his life, he was smoking sixty cigarettes a day. Prior to the collapse Dennis had not suffered from any serious illnesses, the closest being a common cold.

Dennis was transferred to Tygerberg hospital, and over a couple of months he underwent four different surgical operations. He was prescribed medication of which he had discussed with his private physician, and was advised that if he wanted to maintain a normal lifestyle, he would have no alternative, but to continue with the medication.

During the time that Dennis was hospitalised, a male nurse mentioned that he himself suffered with ulcers and that he obtained Superlife Herbs from a supplier. He recommended that Dennis consider using the product.

Due to the financial burden that the medical treatment would place onto his entire family, Dennis decided to give Superlife Herbs a try. Initially he used Superlife Herbs in conjunction with his prescribed medication. A few months later he decided to stop taking the prescribed medication. His decision was based on two reasons: Firstly that both he and his wife had noticed that his bowel movements had normalized. Secondly, that he had gained weight since taking Superlife Herbs.

As from February 2010, Dennis has only used Superlife Herbs, and can attest to its natural healing ingredients. He continues to go for his annual hospital check-ups, however he is still unable to eat the spicy foods that he is so fond of, but thanks to Superlife Herbs, he avoided having to undergo any additional surgeries.

Dennis highly recommends this product to any person, irrespective of age. He does not, for one moment, think that this is a miracle cure, but can personally attest to its healing potential. He will use this product for as long as it is available. He has made his medical history available to Mr Hoffman in the sincere hope that this product will help other people. Superlife Herbs has restored Dennis to his former self, without the pain that would usually go along with it.

Many thanks - Dennis Rudman

ALTA – Cancer

Alta is a resident from Kraaifontein in the Cape Town area. In 2012, Alta visited Mr Hofmann (manufacturer of Superlife Herbs) and collected 10 boxes of Superlife Herbs from him. She explained that she needed it for a girlfriend from Zambia, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and with whom she corresponded on facebook. During 2013, Alta fetched more boxes of Superlife Herbs. At the beginning of 2014 she paid Mr Hoffmann yet another visit for more boxes of Superlife Herbs, at which time he enquired about the condition of the lady from Zambia. Alta informed Mr Hoffmann that the lump in her friends’ breast had shrunk and that her breast was 100% clear. Besides shrinking the lump in her breast, Alta’s friend was most grateful for what Superlife Herbs had also done for her skin.

Alta told Mr Hoffmann, that apart from breast cancer, her friend had, had a skin problem that was neither psoriasis nor eczema, but rather something like small pimples all over her arms, face and other areas of her body. She had used Superlife Herbs as prescribed, but in addition to this, had placed all the used teabags into a small amount of water and reboiled them. On a daily basis she would use these moist tea bags, to rub over the affected areas of her skin. The result is that her friend’s skin is now in a beautiful condition and she is most thankful for what Superlife Herbs has done for her.


Soois Prins is a farmer from the Touwsriver area in the Karoo and is 61 years of age. In October 2011, he was diagnosed with Liver cancer at the Eben Donges Hospital in Worcester and was given three months to live. The doctors advised him to start with chemotherapy treatments immediately.

Soois went home and made a decision not to undergo the chemotherapy treatments, but to rather consider an alternative route to treat his cancer. When Soois met with Mr Hoffmann, he was already using “Sutherlandia” and “Carmadik”. Mr Hoffman introduced him to Superlife Herbs and in mid November 2011 Soois began to use the product. At no stage after this time did his condition deteriorate.

Soois continued to use Superlife Herbs, and in December 2013 Mr Hoffmann sent him the last 4 boxes of Superlife Herbs. Two months later, in February 2014, Soois went back to the doctors at the hospital who had initially given him his prognosis, who conducted several tests on him. Mr Hoffmann was given the good news that Soois was clear from all cancer in his body and he was thanked for what Superlife Herbs had done.


Poppie is a resident of Brackenfell suburb in Cape Town and in her early 60’s. At the beginning of 2013 her doctor diagnosed her with Leukemia. Her white blood cell count at the time was about 120. Her neighbour, who is the son of Valarie Murray (see testimony), introduced Superlife Herbs to Poppie and convinced her to use the product as it had healed his mother’s throat cancer.

After using 3 boxes of Superlife Herbs, Poppie had to visit her doctor for a follow-up appointment. He was very happy to see that her white blood cell count had lowered to 80. However, the doctor was still concerned that other organs in her body could possibly be affected by the cancer, and suggested that a CT scan be done.

A month or so later, Poppie went for the scan and every organ in her body was clear of cancer. The doctors also checked her white blood cell count - it had dropped down to 29. Poppie was very happy with these results and continued to use Superlife Herbs. In February 2014 when she was collecting her Superlife Herbs, she informed Mr Hoffmann that her white blood cell count had dropped down further, to measure 16.

Poppie is so happy with the amazing results that and she continues to use Superlife herbs.


Pierre Smit was an export grape farmer from De Doorns in the Hexriver Valley. Pierre was in his early sixties. Mr Hoffmann have never had the privilege of meeting Pierre personally, but have known his brother Charl Smit for many years.

Charl told Mr Hoffmann him that his brother Pierre had travelled overseas to receive treatment for cancer.

All of the overseas treatments failed, so Pierre returned to Cape Town where the doctors at Somerset Hospital informed his family that nothing more could be done for him. After remaining in hospital for two weeks being stabilized, he was flown by helicopter back to his farm in De Doorns.

In preparation of his death, Pierre had built his final resting place on his farm, upon a mountain overlooking his farm and the Hexriver Valley.

Charl met with his brother Pierre in De Doorns, where he introduced Superlife Herbs to him. On that same day Pierre sent his son, Eon Smit, to purchase 8 boxes of Superlife Herbs from Mr Hoffman, who explained how Pierre should use the product.

Four months later, Eon collected a further 8 boxes of Superlife Herbs and Mr Hoffman enquired after Pierre’s health and how he was doing. Eon replied by saying that if he had to compare his father’s current condition to the time that his father had been in Somerset Hospital (after being overseas), his father‘s health had stabilised. Eon had seen the way Pierre’s health had deteriorated in hospital and felt that he would not have lived another two weeks without the help of Superlife Herbs.

After being discharged from hospital, we were able to extend Pierre’s life by five months. Eon believes that had his father started using Superlife Herbs at the time he was diagnosed, his father would still be alive today.


Maria Coetzee is in her late 70’s and has been using Superlife herbs for 3½ years. She had cancer in her leg and experienced much pain as result of varicose veins.

Currently Maria is pain free in her legs, and after tests were conducted at hospital, no sign of cancer was found.

She is very thankful for what Superlife herbs has done for her and is still uses it daily as a precautionary measure.

JACK COOCKS – High Blood Pressure

Jack Coocks resides in Brackenfell in the Cape Town area and is 72 years of age. He suffered from high blood pressure and also lacked energy. After using Superlife Herbs for more than eighteen months, his feedback is that he is feeling much better and is now able to achieve a good erection– something he hasn’t been able to do for a long time. Jack is just another satisfied Superlife Herbs client.


Hennie Coetzee is originally from Springbok in Namakwaland, but nowadays he lives in Brackenfell in the Cape Town area. He is 89 years of age and experienced a major setback in 2010, when two major strokes left him bedridden until 2011. When Mr Hoffman met Hennie, he could not walk and his left arm shook badly. At that stage Hennie was taking a large amount of medication that was prescribed to him by his doctor, which he obtained from the clinic. Hennie mentioned to Mr Hoffman, that if only he could find something that would help him sleep better and stop the ‘knocking’ pain in his arm, he would be very happy. Mr Hoffman introduced him to Superlife Herbs which he started using around March 2011. When Hennie collected the 2nd box of Superlife Herbs, he told Mr Hoffman that he was already sleeping like a log and very happy with Superlife Herbs. Six months later, by the end of October 2011, Hennie was so much better and that he had started walking short distances with the assistance of a walking frame. At the beginning of 2012 Hennie could walk out of the house and back again. He continued using Superlife Herbs on a regular basis together with his wife. At the beginning of 2013, Hennie could walk around the block (a big street block) with only the use of a walking stick. Considering all of the health problems Hennie had experienced, together with high blood pressure, sugar levels etc, he is currently only using two tablets from the clinic daily. He has remarked that Superlife Herbs has done him so much good, that he will continue to use it until the day the good Lord comes to fetch him.


Geraldine is a resident of Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town. During December 2013 and her first week of being on leave, she had a breakout of eczema all over her body. It was severe eczema and nothing could bring her any relief of the symptoms – neither tablets nor ointments. At the time she had tried various medications prescribed to her by two doctors. Mr Hoffman introduced her to Superlife Herbs, which she drank in the every morning, and also used two teabags in her bath water to rub all over her skin. Since using Superlife Herbs, the excema has disappeared and she has not suffered from eczema since. Geraldine is very happy with the results that she has achieved by using Superlife Herbs.

FRANCOIS WILLIAMS – Growth behind Leg

Francois Williams is 46 years of age and is from Springbok in Namaqualand. He has been using Superlife Herbs for the past 3 ½ years. What is interesting, is that he experienced continuous pain in his leg as a result of a growth behind his knee. This growth resembled a boil, having a dry pit on the top, and was the size of a finger nail. After using Superlife Herbs for more than two years, his wife, who is a nursing sister at the local clinic in Springbok, suggested that they place a moist Superlife Herbs teabag, smeared with Aqueous cream and Vaseline, onto the growth to see if it would draw out the pit. Eventually six days later, after replacing the dressing (Superlife Herbs teabag covered with Aqueous cream & Vaseline) three times daily, the pit of the growth drew out. As a result, a large hole was left in Francois’s leg but it recovered remarkably fast – only four days after the growth had drawn out.

Today his blood sugar level is also under control, and he is very happy with the results that he achieved. Having used Superlife Herbs his leg is fine and he does not suffer any pain or any other complications because of it.


Dirkie Smit stay on a farm “Suikerbossie” near Brackenfell and is 62 years old. He suffered a lot from gout in his foot and his knee. It was so bad that if he missed a Voltarin injection in 3 weeks that he was a very “Lucky” man. I introduced Superlife Herbs to him in February 2010. He used Superlife Herbs for more than 11 months. He felt much better and never had any problems up till August 2014 or any gout problems. There after Dirkie started to use Superlife Herbs beginning of 2014 for no reason as to the fact that Superlife Herbs make him feel much better and give him much more energy.


Valerie is based in Somerset West, and has been using Superlife Herbs from the age of 86.

After she was diagnosed with throat cancer, her son, Burnie Keet, introduced Superlife Herbs to her. Two years later, Burnie told Mr Hoffman that his mother had found Superlife Herbs very beneficial to her health, not only for her cancer diagnosis, but also beneficial to many of her other health problems.

In 2011 Valerie went back to her doctor, who noticed that the growth in her throat had shrunk by more than 50%. She continued using Superlife Herbs, and by 2012 Burnie was present when the doctor told his mom that there was no sign of any cancer.

Burnie informed Mr Hoffman that at the time of the diagnosis, the doctors had quoted his mother an amount of R79 000 to undergo an operation. Over and above this amount, a further R9 000 per month would be required for aftercare for a period of 6 months, an extra cost R54 000.

In comparison, by using Superlife Herbs: Over a period of 4 ½ years, Valarie had purchased 54 boxes of Superlife Herbs at a cost of R150 each – the total amount she paid for Superlife Herbs amounted to R8 100.

Valarie is still using Superlife Herbs and celebrated her 90th birthday on 16 January 2014.

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