Where did Superlife Herbs Start

Our background

In the early 1980's, Mr. Doon Hoffman, together with his late father, Mr. M K Hoffman of "Doornkop" Kruispad, Brackenfell, started developing a herbal mixture using different kinds of herbs, which he named "Co Less-Co".

Over the years the father and son team made several changes to the mixture and by 1992 they had developed a very good combination. Back then, they cooked the herbal mixture and sold it in a liquid form in units of 5 liters. They achieved wonderful results treating cancer and other health problems too.

In 1995, Mr Doon Hoffman started to market Superlife Herbs on a small scale as he could only keep a limited amount of stock at one time because the shelf life of the liquid form was only approximately six weeks. Mr Doon Hoffman and his son Paul then put their heads together and built a machine that prepared the herbs in such a way, that they could be packaged into teabags.

Eventually after some changes over a two year period, they were satisfied with "Superlife Herbs” in its new packaged form.

The product in its final form was tested and approved by the Medical Research Council in July 2011 and they could then proceed with marketing Superlife Herbs.

Numerous people have used the product over the last couple of years with good results and positive feedback has been received from them.

Superlife's team is extremely satisfied with the product which they proudly recommend - Superlife Herbs, a gift of health for young and old.

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